Hunting Blind Product Warranty

Our quality of materials, workmanship, and service allows us to strive for
customer satisfaction with our products.
Blinds made from August 2017 to current feature the MB Ranch King Camo covered by a 10-year Warranty- Non-peeling/ Non-fading.

Our Guarantee! We deliver all over the USA, and set up blinds to customer satisfaction at additional cost.

Whatever your game, you can be sure your MB Ranch King experience is one of quality, comfort and convenience

MB Ranch King Blinds LLC
4629 CR 805
Joshua, TX 76058

MB Ranch King Blinds LLC

Address 4629 County Road 805 Joshua, Texas 76058

Phone Office: 817-558-7320 Toll-free: 1-800-763-7320 Fax: 817-202-9640 Cell: 817-229-5522


Deer Feeder Warranty

All MB Ranch King Feeders have a Manufacturing Warranty of three years. Feeder motors are warranted for one year after purchase and “The Timer” has a five year warranty. For extended warranty of your motor visit West Texas Feeder Supply to learn about their manufacturing warranty.