Hunting Blind Product Warranty

Our quality of materials, workmanship, and service allows us to guarantee our blinds 100% for customer satisfaction.
If expectations are not met we will repair, replace, or refund
at no expense to the customer. 10-year Warranty on
Non-peeling, Non-Fading Camo Metal.
Our Guarantee!

MB Ranch King Blinds LLC
4629 CR 805
Joshua, TX 76058

Jack Goleman

Address 4629 County Road 805 Joshua, Texas 76058

Phone Office: 817-558-7320 Toll-free: 1-800-763-7320 Fax: 817-202-9640 Cell: 817-229-5522


Deer Feeder Warranty

All MB Ranch King Feeders have a Manufacturing Warranty of three years. Feeder motors are warranted for one year after purchase and “The Timer” has a five year warranty. For extended warranty of your motor visit West Texas Feeder Supply to learn about their manufacturing warranty.

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