Texas Avenger Automated Fish Feeder

Texas Avenger Automated Fish Feeder

The Texas Avenger requires no assembly, it easily mounts to a dock or inclined pond bank. Its patent pending leg system comes installed and rotates and tilts as well. The Texas Avenger features the time tested Eliminator Spinner Plate and The Timer. It is powered by a 12 volt system, battery and solar panel included. Both the timer and battery are housed in the lid for easy access, and the Eliminator spinner plate keeps varmints away from you fish food. The Texas Avenger #100 holds 2 bags of fish food while our #250 Big Mouth holds 5 bags of feed and throws food up and away from dock or bank.

The galvanized hopper eliminates internal sweating. Install the 12 volt battery, program the timer, fill it and feed. With its original design we know you and your
fish will love it!

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Product Photos

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • 12-volt system with solar panel
  • Tilt 45°
  • 180° Horizontal rotation
  • “The Timer” – programmable up to 6 feed times daily
  • Hinged lid with strut
  • No-retained feed funnel system


5 year manufacturing warranty. 1 year motor warranty

Available Sizes:

  • 100 lb capacity (Holds 2 Bags of feed)
  • 250 lb capacity (Holds 5 Bags of feed)
  • Available Features : Solid Steel Construction. Made in USA.
  • Our Guarantee : 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in USA

Built in the Pursuit of Perfection.

Quality to Impress the Hunted.