N-Ground Blind

Designed for Bowhunters

N-Ground Blind

While most blinds are designed primarily for the gun hunter, this one of a kind N-Ground blind caters to the avid bow-hunter. With 38” above ground and 40” below ground, and size options of 6×6 or 6×8, this hunting blind is roomy enough to sit or stand and accommodates up to 2 people with equipment. Lastly, Unless you’re into snake hunting, you can rely on MBRK’s quality build to ensure it’s always insulated and snake-proof.

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Our Guarantee

Our quality of materials, workmanship, and service allows us to strive for
customer satisfaction with our products.
We offer a 10-year Warranty on
Non-peeling, Non-Fading Camo Metal.
Our Guarantee! We deliver all over the USA, and set up blinds to customer satisfaction at additional cost.

Whatever your game, you can be sure your MB Ranch King
experience is one of quality, comfort and convenience.

Designed for Bowhunters

40″ Aluminum base (in ground)

38″ Above ground


7 Bow windows at ground level

28″x30″ Door

2″ Steel Tubing Structure


Size Options:

  • 6′ x 6′
  • 6′ x 8′
  • Accommodates: 1 to 2 People
  • Delivery and Setup: Yes
  • Made in USA

Built in the Pursuit of Perfection.

Quality to Impress the Hunted.