Scout Blind

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Our Guarantee

Our quality of materials, workmanship, and service allows us to guarantee our blinds 100% for customer satisfaction. If expectations are not met we will repair, replace, or refund at no expense to the customer. 10-year warranty on non-peeling, non-fading camo metal.

Slide in Back of Truck Bed

EZ-Load, Quick set up.

  • 4’x6′ Scout BlindSkids
  • 5′ Ceiling Height (Low Profile)
  • All-Carpet Inside
  • Composite Shelves
  • Slides in back of Truck Bed
  • Steel Tubing Structure
  • Quick Setup
  • Low Profile
  • Accommodates: 1 to 2 People
  • Delivery and Setup: Yes
  • Made in USA

Built in the Pursuit of Perfection.

Quality to Impress the Hunted.

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