Elevated Trailer Blind
  • Accommodates : 1 to 2 People
  • Delivery and Setup : Yes
  • Available Features : 6x6 Economy or 6x6 Insulated
  • Our Guarantee : Our Quality of materials, workmanship and service allows us to guarantee our blinds 100% for customers satisfaction. If exceptions are not met we will repair, replace or refund at no expense to the customer. 10-year warranty on non-peeling, non-fading camo metal.

Whitetail Freaks

White Freaks

6x6 Economy or 6x6 Insulated Elevated Trailer Blind

  • 8ft Eyelevel Blind sets 3 ft off of trailer
  • Trailer can Haul additional 500 lbs
  • Stabilizing Jacks
  • Torsion Axle (Smooth Ride)
  • Designed for rough ranch roads
  • Diamond plate steel floor
  • 15” wheel w/5ply tires
  • Blind can be removed from trailer & used as a stationary blind & add 5’, 10’ or 15’ stand
  • EZ-Climb stairs w/handrail
  • 4 Tiedown Rings


  • Tool Box
  • Combo Windows
  • Curtains
  • Gunrest Pads


email: chip@diamondecledgellc.com

Briar Wood Ranch - Illinous website: briarwoodranch.com

Chip Wagner – Texas

Phone:             334-749-2418

Tommy Teague - Iowa website: teagueranch.com

Charles Lawler Jr. – Alabama

Natural Gas Resources

M.L. Cogburn – President


Tularosa, Inc.
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What are customer are saying!

Rick Akers / Fort Worth, TX.

Mark, Danny, and all….

I have had more comments and amazement from friends and family when they see our Deer blinds at the ranch (especially when we are walking up to them at 4:00 am!). The workmanship, style, and overall structure of these Ranch King Blinds are enough to make even the most experienced hunter that has either purchased or constructed their own blind feel special when they sit down for the first time on opening day. I truly believe ya’ll have one of the best products out on the market today, and I really appreciate getting to know all of you, and seeing the success of what you will become in the future. Please have anyone call me at anytime!


Rick Akers / Fort Worth, TX.
Don and Ginger

Good Day Mark,

Just dropping a line to say how much we are enjoying our blinds. I shot my first Whitetail ever from one last month using my bow. My wife loves to go and just watch the Wildlife from it. I have put My Buddy Heater in each one and no matter how cold it gets we are very comfortable in them.

 I am giving your name and number and web site info to my brother. He is interested in some blinds also.

 Hope your Thanks giving was a great one and we wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

Don and Ginger
Buster Kincaid / Mineral Wells, Texas


I wanted to personally Thank You, Your Dad and Nephew for making everything an enjoyable experience in the delivery and setting up of the deer blind. Ya'll really had me fixed up very quickly. I really appreciate it more than you could understand or imagine! This past year has been very limited as to what I can do as far as hunting due to some unfortunate injuries from a work accident, but ya'll at Ranch King Blinds have made it possible for me to once again enjoy deer hunting! This blind is literally a "Camo Condo" and it has more room than one can imagine without experiencing it for themselves. The comfort of this blind is out of this world. It truly has made hunting a really enjoyable experience for me once again. Thank You Very Much! If I can ever do anything to help you good folks out please let me know and I will sure do what I can. I am looking forward to receiving the Ranch King cap and will sure wear it with pride and tell anyone that they can't go wrong with a Ranch King Blind~!

Thanks Again,

Buster Kincaid / Mineral Wells, Texas
Gregory Gowan, Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law


I just wanted to drop you a thank you note.  Your blinds have been the best hunting investment I have ever made.  I had a big hunt set up with my buddies, and didn't tell them I bought the portable hydraulic blind.  When we were all discussing which blinds we would all hunt out of, and I told them not to worry about me.  They all laughed when I said I would bring one with me. When I pulled up in my hydraulic blind, every jaw dropped, and a few of them even wanted to switch one of the hunts so they could sit in my blind. The blind is absolutely phenomenal.  When you dropped it off, and told me if I thought of any way to improve it, let you know. Well, I cannot come up with anything. I hunt out of it all the time, and my wife and kids love it as well.

I also wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you provided in delivering and setting up the three ground blinds I recently bought. The blinds are the same wonderful quality as my hydraulic.  I look forward to hunting out of them for years to come with my wife and kids.  I also look forward to buying more for my ranch.  I will be happy to talk to anyone that has questions regarding the blinds I bought and feel free to use this email as a referral.  Mark, Catherine and crew, thank you very much for everything!

Gowan Falls Ranch, Texas


Gregory Gowan, Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law

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